To Use Unsupported Joysticks

1: First, run a launcher from a system you'd like to setup and make any changes to the emulator's settings for your joystick that you may need.
2: While the game is running, switch to XPadder and generate an XPadder configuration.
3: Save the XPadder configurations and exit the emulator.
4: Configure XPadder's settings for use with your frontend. Supported frontends should save files (to the XPadder directory) using the name of the frontend. (eg: Hyperspin.xpadderprofile) Unsupported frontends should save their profile as MediaCenter.xpadderprofile.
5: Use the copycfg tool to propagate that system's emulator-based joystick settings.
6. Use the "other file" option and navigate to the emulator template you generated and select the desired target system.